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Delphad 1.93

Delphad is a RTF/Text editor with embeded picture viewer as well as sound player. You can open almost any file to view or edit. Delphad even can import Word documents.

ESB Unit Conversion Utility

ESB Unit Conversion Utility 2.0

User friendly Win32 FREE Utility to easily convert between units of measurement. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles and more.

Quick Zip

Quick Zip 2.13

Quick Zip is a powerful and fast utility that provides support to zip and other popular archive formats.

Auto Shutdown

Auto Shutdown 2.1

Auto Shutdown is a free utility for automatically shutting down or logging off a computer. Automated shutdown/logoff is achieved in two ways: set the exact time of shutdown or wait for a specific number of days, hours,or minutes before shutting down.



Automate tasks by pushing keys into keyboard buffer, recording keystrokes and mouse events. Create Macros that do the job for you.


PalmTree1.2 1.2

Password protect, lock and hide folders or directories and their subdirectories and files on your PC. Prevent unauthorised access by other computer users, friends, family,co-workers. Full version enhanced security features and multiple folder locking


RegistryProt 1.5

RegistryProt is a compact, low-level realtime registry monitor. A very useful tool to detect Trojan infection.

Parents Friend

Parents Friend 4.2

Parents Friend logs keystrokes, starts/stops of any programs, visited websites and focus-changes in a encrypted log file. This log file can send automatically by email in background. You also can lock any application and Internet-title with passwords...


CKDMD5 1.0

CKDMD5 is a freeware utility for generating MD5 message digests. You can select files form the file browser, enter a string of text, or drag-and-drop a files from the Windows file explorer.

Program Lock and Protect

Program Lock and Protect 1.2

Lock and unlock any program on your pc so it cannot be used. You can also choose your own message to display if anyone attempts to run one of your locked programs. Includes password protection so only you can unlock the program for later use. (Window...

Folder Guard Jr.

Folder Guard Jr. 1.03

Hide and restrict access to any folder.


PC#Protect 2.1a

Monitor the use / abuse of your PC simple and easy by using PCProtect: This software autostarts and runs in a completely hidden mode to spy on all keystrokes. Thus all keyboard entries in your absence are logged and stored in a textfile. This also includes hidden passwords (!), so use this powerful software with care.

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap 1.0

A small but effective security tool. Keep your kids out of important files, etc. With the click of a button (or two) your mouse is locked inside Mouse Trap!! Mouse Trap disables Ctrl Alt Delete, Alt Tab, and Ctrl Esc. Try It!! NOTE: This version is not compatible with the beta version of Mouse Trap!!