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AV Defs Updater for F-PROT for DOS

AV Defs Updater for F-PROT for DOS 2.1

This product automatically provides updates to the classic F-PROT for DOS antivirus program and notifies you about it. Allows the creation on any 32-bit version of Windows of a set of antivirus emergency diskettes along with a FreeDOS bootdisk.

ClamAV For Windows

ClamAV For Windows 0.87.1-1

An open source command line anti-virus scanner for Windows that is fast and powerful and can easily be integrated with server applications for use in a mail server or proxy server. It can also be used to scan individual files or folders when necessary

F-Secure Internet Security 2003

F-Secure Internet Security 2003 2003

F-Secure Internet Security 2003 protects your PC against viruses and break-in attemptswhen you are connected to the Internet. Very easy to install and use. Updates automatically over Internet. You can safely read your e-mail and surf the Internet.

HS SoBigRemover

HS SoBigRemover 1.2

Remote removal of huge numbered SoBig viruses without needing of downloading all emails

MicroWorld Anti Virus Toolkit

MicroWorld Anti Virus Toolkit

MWAV Can scan & terminate Hidden Spy Software, illegal dialer, illegal sniffers which normally are running in the background.

AntiVir Personal Edition

AntiVir Personal Edition

The AntiVir Personal Edition offers the effective protection against computer viruses for the individual and private use on a single PC-workstation. It detects and removes more than 50,000 viruses and an Internet-Update Wizard for easy updating. The built

I-Worm.Badtrans remover

I-Worm.Badtrans remover 1

Free application to completely remove I-Worm.Badtrans virus, together with infected files and any virus entries in the registry. The usage is pretty strait- run it and delete any found infected files.

Nimda remover

Nimda remover 1

A free application to completely remove the Nimda virus, together with infected files and any virus entries in the registry. The usage is pretty strait- run it and delete any found infected files.


Anti-VBScript 1.10

Anti-VBScript is a quick hack to prevent VBScripts from executing automatically... ever. This prevents such wonderful virus as ILoveYou from ever even executing.

AVG Free Edition

AVG Free Edition 6.0 Build 217

With this free distribution version of the popular AVG, you will get a reliable tool for your computer protection against computer viruses.Scanners, Resident Shield, Email Scanner - all in onepackage. AVG contains a powerful testing engine withheuris...

AnalogX Script Defender

AnalogX Script Defender 1.01

Make sure you don't unintentionally run destructive scripts(such as email viruses) with AnalogX Script Defender! It intercepts any system calls for the most common types of scripts out there (including VBScript, JScript, WindowsScripting, etc) plus i...

McAfee VBS / Loveletter Virus Patch

McAfee VBS / Loveletter Virus Patch 5-5-00

This patch will protect your computer from the 'I Love You' virus. This virus is a VBS worm that mails itself to everyone in your address book. The infected email subject line is 'I Love You,' and the attachment is 'loveletterforyou.txt.vbs.' This vi...

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel 1.10

Program clears kernels headers from the memory and protects inner system tables IDT abd GDT of changing by viruses. By this algorithm program stops duplication and work of 50-70 % of the known file viruses.


BugFix 1.11

Clean your computer bugs and viruses.

Back Orifice Eradicator

Back Orifice Eradicator 1.00

Remove the Back Orifice Trojan from your system.


BOshield 1.20

Protect your system from boot viruses.