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NeoSetup Updater

NeoSetup Updater 3.9

NeoSetup is an application updater for Windows. It detects updates quickly and installs them at a click of a button. It can also perform automated application installations from a collection of the most popular Windows programs.


Automize 11.10

  • Shareware
  • 249.95$
  • 21-Mar-2016
  • 42.1 MB

Easy to use Automation software and task scheduler with scripting; Automate FTP, secure FTP, FTP daemon and monitor, PGP encryption, web downloads through proxy or secured websites, check or send email, task chains; Run 1000+ tasks a day.

Macro Toolworks, Standard Edition

Macro Toolworks, Standard Edition 8.0.0

  • Shareware
  • 39.95$
  • 13-Mar-2016
  • 4.9 MB

Create macros working in any Windows application and trigger them using hot-key or text shortcut, from custom toolbar, by defined mouse action or schedule to run the macro at defined time or when specific event occurs. 150+ commands are avaialable!

ADO++ AD-Exchange-S4B User Management

ADO++ AD-Exchange-S4B User Management 5.0.15

ADO++ is a user management Tool for Active Directory, Exchange 201X, Skype for Business and Lync 20XX. Main features: Manage users, groups, contacts. Mailbox permissions Restore deleted user GUI, RBAC-Gui, Mailbox delegates,Out of Off, CSV-Imp.

BOINC Monitor

BOINC Monitor 9.40

BOINC Monitor shows BOINC tasks progress. Resizable! Save settings to file. Color changeable for all gadget's elements, including background. You can add new BOINC projects in XML list file.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

Adobe's Flash Player is the key to the internet's most used technology called Flash. Nowadays Flash can be considered one of the internet's basics. Therefore it has always been targeted by hackers, malware authors and so on.

Always On Top

Always On Top 1.0

Make any Window Always on Top with Freeware Utility for Windows. A Simple Keyboard Shortcut to make any Window to stay on Top of other Application Windows. Really easy to use and handy when your Application Window needs to stay on top.


ShutMeDown 1.2.0

ShutMeDown 1.2.0 is a simple open source automation software. It provides functions to automatize power managements functions of Windows system. With SMD you can set auto shutdown timers. It also has schedule function to set task in entire week.

Easy Temp File Cleaner

Easy Temp File Cleaner 1.1r2

Easy Temp File Cleaner was designed to give users the user an easy way to automatic remove temporary files on their machine. Works with both 32bit & 64bit operating systems.

Windows Explorer Tracker

Windows Explorer Tracker 2.0

  • Shareware
  • 19.99$
  • 17-Nov-2015
  • 1.0 MB

Tracks/traces/monitors and records the operations in Windows Explorer automatically, such as 'Delete', 'Rename', 'Create', 'Insert', 'Add' and 'Remove' actions of files, folders, drives and storage media.

Facebook Automation 5.6

Facebook Automation 5.6 5.6

Facebook Poster & Scheduler is a lightweight tool designed to help users post mass private facebook message, group post, groups searching and joining, post to wall, post to public pages, post to fan page, posts searchign and commenting

Customer Complaints Process Automation

Customer Complaints Process Automation 9.00

  • Demo
  • 29.00$
  • 29-Oct-2015
  • 6.2 MB

The Customer Complaint Process Management. Automation of ISO procedure. This procedure automates the usual (and very useful) event of customer complaint.


ProbeIT 1.0.1

ProbeIT is a comparison tool to help you diagnose the issues related to missing setup, wrong version of program files or database objects discrepancies

Power Plan Manager

Power Plan Manager 1.00

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 26-Aug-2015
  • 6.4 MB

Automatically switch Windows power plans depending on active applications

Random Auto Clicker

Random Auto Clicker 2.6.2

Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool with many more features that can free your hands and save your time. it's an inexpensive automatic mouse clicking utility. it's used to automate screen mouse clicks at specified intervals

Find And Click

Find And Click 1.5.2

Find And Click is an easy-to-use tool.It can find a picture on the screen what you defined with the scope and click it.

Mouse Macro Recorder

Mouse Macro Recorder 2.7.2

Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool with many more features that can free your hands and save your time. it's an inexpensive automatic mouse clicking utility. it's used to automate screen mouse clicks at specified intervals

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker 4.0.2

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker is a keyboard and mouse recorder tool used to record mouse movements, mouse clicks, keystroke and repeat them at any time and as any times as you want.It also can auto type text you want.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker

Free Mouse Auto Clicker 3.7

Free Mouse Auto Clickeris a software that can free you from repeat mouse click work.It's simple but enough for normal use. And,it's FREE!

Super Mouse Auto Clicker

Super Mouse Auto Clicker 4.1.2

Super Mouse Auto Clicker used to auto click mouse at defined location.Use Super Mouse Auto Clicker utility to automatically help you refresh a web browser, open many instances of another program, etc.