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"All-You-Can-Eat" Windows OS image capture and deployment: OpsQuickOao is licensed by administrator, not by node. That means you, as an administrator, can build and manage every Windows machine in your network, now and in the future, without having to pay additional licensing fees when your network grows. OpsQuick automates the deployment of Windows operating systems for servers and workstations. By extending the power of Microsoft Windows Deployment Services (WDS, a component of Windows Server), OpsQuick simplifies and automates the creation, maintenance, and deployment of Windows operating systems to any physical or virtual machine platform. Regardless of whether youOCOre deploying a shiny new operating system, refreshing old installs, or migrating to new machine platforms, OpsQuick can help. By extending the power of WDS, OpsQuick creates a fast, flexible, and consistent Deployment System for Microsoft Windows. OpsQuick can assist in all phases of Windows migration, upgrades, and refresh. Its management console OCo based on the powerful console from other visionapp products OCo makes it easy to manage images. Whether you want to initiate builds via PXE or bootable ISO, OpsQuick significantly accelerates the installation of any current Windows operating system. Installations can be performed ad-hoc or scheduled, use unicast or multicast network communications, and can be completely unattended or interactive personalization. OpsQuick automates the capture and deployment of Windows images, so build tasks are consistently reproducible, automated, and can be run unattended. OpsQuick delivers dramatic time savings relative to manual or semimanual methods. OpsQuick can handle any current Windows version and any machine typeOCophysical or virtual. For auditing and compliance, OpsQuick gives you a running log of system changes, OS settings and capture/deployment activities. Supports all current and emerging Windows operating systemsRequirements: MS WDS

Supported OS: Windows 2003

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