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SecurDat 1.2

Keep critical data safe with SecurDat. This fine (and free!) utility automatically backs up key files as they're modified, and maintains copies of previous versions as well. SecurDat runs quietly from the system tray, keeping a close eye on the files...


Diskwriter 0.9

A small utility to write disk image files to a floppy disk. It can be used to write bootdisks for operating systems. Very nice is that this utility works on Windows 95/98/NT4 and 2000.Since the different operating systems use different methods to wri...


Update2 2.1

You can automate the regular update and backup of your data files. Use it for your accounting data, letters, offers, and other documents. Make copies from the server to your station, or to a removable backup drive. Write a script, and every time you ...


JVDE ICQ Backup 2.10

Back up your ICQ contact list and bookmarks.


BackitUP 1.22

BackitUp automates the backup of an unlimited number offiles. Every entry has its own destination path. Sourcepath can be included into the destination path. It ispossible to backup single files or all files matching afile mask. You can backup a dire...

Mr. Mirror

Mr. Mirror 2.1

Create mirror images of directories.

Directory Copier

Directory Copier 1.00

A fairly simple program to copy all the files and sub folders from a specified directory to a target directory. Under the target directory, a folder is created using the date (example :d:destinationwednesday, january 17, 1999). This program stores ...


Muldir 1.0

Designed to help people who often transfer data from removable/multiple medias, for example to HDD or CD-R, but still want to keep the 'disk' structure. Muldir can recursively make as many directories as you want, for example all directories from 'di...