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You'll never run out of space again. DiskAlertMe will never let you run out of space without warning you first. Whether you're worried about your personal hard drive space or a server disk rest assured with an excellent drive monitor, DiskAlertMe. This easy to use yet powerful software will be working hard as a disk monitor to keep you in tune with important drives, disks, and much more. Maybe you're a thriving IT company like 12:34 and you want to make sure your client's server drive, backup drive, or workstation drive don't get full without you knowing. Or maybe you're just an individual who is conscientious and wants an excellent space monitor. Whatever the case may be never worry about disk space or server space again with DiskAlertMe! With numerous disk alert options DiskAlertMe is customizable for whatever your need is. You can check a drive when ever you want! Every 15 minutes, every day at 8 AM, once a week; there are endless combinations to choose from! Space alerts can be customized too. Receive an alert when a certain percent of your disk is used or receive an alert when there is only a specific amount of your disk left. Choose a combination of gigabytes, megabytes, kilobytes, and never worry about drive size again! What, When, Where What do you want DiskAlertMe to notify you about? Perhaps if a disk you've selected has been filled up past a certain percentage you want to be alerted. Or maybe when a disk has only 5 gigabytes left you'll want to be alerted. The choice is yours. When should DiskAlertMe check your disks? Daily at a specific time or maybe after a specific interval of time? Wait until 2 in the morning to have DiskAlertMe check your disks or check them every 15 minutes. It's up to you and your needs! Where do you want to be alerted? Maybe you want an email sent to yourself, to someone else, or maybe you want an email sent to multiple email addresses. It all can be done with DiskAlertMe.

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