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Description of FlopShow 1.2:
FlopShow is a file recovery + file undelete utility for fat - 12 partitions (floppies).Like any other recovery/undeletion utility this program also don't offer you 100 % recovery or undeletion .The recovered/undeleted files may ( may not be ) corrupt . This newer version of the program also has options to create floppy disk images and later to restore it . File Recovery Recovery is all about getting back your files from bad floppies . Try testing recovery wizard on a good floppy disk .The program will recover it for sure ...but this is the most ideal situation from where dos / windows reads files .When the floppy gets damaged ( due to damaged boot sectors , damaged root directory sectors, damaged fat ..etc ) dos / windows refuses to read them ... recovery wizard will try recover files from such bad floppies ..but the success of recovery depends on the extent of damage of the floppy disk . File Undeletion I have coded undeletion such that it works only with Good Floppy disks . Again Undeletion wizard can't undelete files always.It all depends on how much contiuous is the file spread on the sectors of the disk , if any other deleted files comes within the region of sectors it occupies ..there is no way to determine whether the undeleted files are in the correct format . Make and Restore floppy disk image This option allows you to create an image file for a floppy and then later to restore the image file to the floppy. This option is pretty useful for cloning floppies, making backups (images) of critical floppies like boot floppies of operating systems/anti viruses etc.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

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