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VAST 1.0

WEB Seach: VAST is a user friendly and powerful search tool which will enhance the efficiency of your searches, on the Internet, on your PC and on a local network and is completely integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6/7.


Tooler 1.00

This tool allows you to create special type of shortcuts. They have all features of typical system shortcuts, but with their help you can easy accomplish such tasks like turning off the monitor, restarting your PC or ejecting selected CD-ROM tray.

Pix2Fone Extension for Internet Explorer

Pix2Fone Extension for Internet Explorer 1.7

Free bnrowser add-on lets you send any photo from your computer or internet to your phone. It creates perfect wallpapers and backgrounds for virtually all phones with color display available today.

TaskTracker - Keep Your Files at Your Fingertips

TaskTracker - Keep Your Files at Your Fingertips 1.0.3

How much time do you waste navigating the Windows« file system in search of the files you want? Now there's a simple solution, and it's free. Download TaskTrackerÖ and always keep your files at your fingertips!


UCmore XP

UCmore the Search Accelerator

Findit-Quick Pop Up Blocker/Toolbar

Findit-Quick Pop Up Blocker/Toolbar 1.0

Stop all unwanted popups and popunders. Plus use our toolbar to get instant access to the 'Top Recommended' sites on the Internet. You can also join our Toolbar Contest and win $25.00 a day! Plus get news, weather, horoscopes, dictionary, etc.

File Commander

File Commander 1.0

File Commander helps you save time when organizing the files on your disk. If you find that you're moving, copying, or deleting the same files over and over, you can use File Commander to make a simple command that does it for you.


Lexicon 1.0

Lexicon is a dictionary app.

Jcom. Band

Jcom. Band 2.5

1) Searches internet more efficiently2) Provides skin portal function.3) Changes the IE to multi-webbrowser4) Provides ASP "memorandum".5) Provides the IT news everyday6) Provides the users' coolsite sharing window.


PortalBar 1.00.143

Seamlessly integrates with IE to provide newsfeed from over 1500 news sources, enhanced online bookmark management, e-mail notification, search box and much more. It also provides a direct communication and marketing channel for web sites to its user...

Xteq X-Find

Xteq X-Find 1.0

Xteq X-Find is a great program to find what you are lookingfor. Simply select where and what it should search and press 'Go'; that's all you need to do. You can even specify a text that it should find inside the files. After the requested files have ...

Change Icon

Change Icon 1.2

Customize the appearance of each folder in Windows explorer by choosing which icon represents it. Full Drap & Drop. Immediately see the result. Easy select icons. Integrated in Windows interface.