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Lexicon 1.0

Lexicon is a dictionary app.



  • Shareware
  • 69.90$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 3.4 MB

WebResearch Made EasyOne Touch Save feature to save pages as you browse - no need to enter Filenames/ Folders. Innovative Retrieval Means

Jcom. Band

Jcom. Band 2.5

1) Searches internet more efficiently2) Provides skin portal function.3) Changes the IE to multi-webbrowser4) Provides ASP "memorandum".5) Provides the IT news everyday6) Provides the users' coolsite sharing window.


PortalBar 1.00.143

Seamlessly integrates with IE to provide newsfeed from over 1500 news sources, enhanced online bookmark management, e-mail notification, search box and much more. It also provides a direct communication and marketing channel for web sites to its user...

Xteq X-Find

Xteq X-Find 1.0

Xteq X-Find is a great program to find what you are lookingfor. Simply select where and what it should search and press 'Go'; that's all you need to do. You can even specify a text that it should find inside the files. After the requested files have ...

Change Icon

Change Icon 1.2

Customize the appearance of each folder in Windows explorer by choosing which icon represents it. Full Drap & Drop. Immediately see the result. Easy select icons. Integrated in Windows interface.


PaneKiller 1.24

A better Start Menu than the Start Menu! A quicker and more fun way to navigate your computer, and get to thefiles you want. PaneKiller puts an icon on your taskbar that allows you to access the Desktop, My Computer, ControlPanels, your hard drives, ...