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Description of FilerFrog 1.0:
FilerFrog is a new and innovative way of manipulating files in windows explorer. FilerFrog integrates with windows explorer as a shell extension so it can provide you with tools to perform your every day file manipulation actions easily and efficiently. FilerFrog helps both advanced and novice users to perform file manipulation functions easier and more efficiently. FilerFrog provides you with the ability to perform your actions quicker by giving you the appropriate tool in the appropriate places. FilerFrog helps makes your business more productive by allowing your workers do their every day file handling operations easier. Some of FilerFrog's features: Rename: A common need for the home or office user is renaming multiple files or folders perhaps to make simple changes such as making commonly understanable names or to create a sequence of entirely new names. FilerFrog`s Rename make this easy: just select the files and/or folders you want to work with, right-click, and choose the Rename submenu. Rename features contains: Find Replace, Auto Numbering, Append and more ... Image Album: FilerFrog presents the easiest way to share your pictures with your friends and family! What can be simpler than viewing your pictures in one image album? With Image Album, you choose how to arrange your photos and the page size and FilerFrog does everything automatically from there! In just two clicks your memories are neatly arranged in one file that can be viewed on any operating system and computer! Resize Image: Image resizing has become a necessity for users of the internet, who post photos on their blogs, use pictures for an avatar and e-mail pictures to friends and family. Since cameras are now equipped with 10+ megapixels, pictures can be quite large in size and therefore, need to be shrunk in order to be uploaded. FilerFrog`s Resize Image is an intuitive and easy to use tool that does this and more!

Supported OS: Windows XP

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