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Tired of wondering where you saved that important document? Is launching applications quickly something you still dream about? Put off by having to scour through your hard-disk to find that elusive mp3? You know that Google Desktop and Vista's built-in search can help you but you just hate the way they slow your PC down and bloat it with nonsense. Try neoSearch - the new way to search. A tiny and light program that puts YOU in control. Advanced algorithms make indexing a breeze - literally! Searching happens in the blink of an eye - technically, the program can run up to 25 distinct searches in a blink - if you could type that fast! Dynamic results (limited to the first six) that change as you type let you find what you want with as little keystrokes as possible. A quick jab on 'Enter' and you'll have full results in as little as 0.01 seconds! The full results can be re-sorted instantly by name, size, location and last modified time. Feature List 1. Indexes your computer in a matter of seconds. 2. Presents you with dynamic results that keep changing as you type in your query. 3. Presents you with a full list of files that match your query (when the search button is clicked or 'Enter' is pressed) in as little as 0.01 seconds. 4. Lets you quickly navigate to any file or folder on your system using Super-Navigation. 5. Tiny hard-drive footprint and RAM usage (1.5MB). 6. Paths to be included and excluded can be explicitly specified. 7. Indexing can be scheduled and can also be run on demand. 8. Can be set to start with your system and can be launched from the tray icon later.Release notes: New ReleaseTE NEW! Network Search - you can now index shared folders from networks you are connected to! [ neoSearch full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP

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