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JMReader 3.9

JMReader is a perfect book reader, it simulates true book interface, open *.txt, *.htm, *.html, *.zip, *.rar, files for reading. Its reading interface is comfortable, convenient, and flexible.

PDF Explorer

PDF Explorer

PDF Explorer is a PDF file management software.It allows you to easily index all your pdf documents, present in hard disks, cd/dvd rom network or other media supports, to a database file using the metadata fields: Filename, File size, File date, Titl

Free Text To PDF Converter

Free Text To PDF Converter 1.3

Text To PDF Converter is a free program that can be used to convert text file to PDF file, it doesn't depend on the Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, it supports command line operation, you can call it from other applications to convert your text to PDF

Bulk File Renamer

Bulk File Renamer 1.0

A useful tool for renaming archives of files. Bulk File Renamer will rename any type of file compatible with windows. Bulk File Renamer displays a live preview of how the files will be renamed.


Sorted! 1.0.9

Sorted is a file utility which sorts selected files into folders of predefined size.

Simple Disc Cataloger

Simple Disc Cataloger 1.0.6

Simple Disc Cataloger. Freeware for cataloging your disks, discs, hard drives or any other files in a searchable database

Offline CD Browser

Offline CD Browser 3.0

Index and catalog your removable drives (CDs), get them organized and categorized, in order to find your files faster.

STG FolderPrint

STG FolderPrint 1.25

Print and visualize your folders. Find out where your HD space went! You can filter to include only the files you want and customize both display and printed output to your taste.


ByteCount 389

This is a utility that shows a list of how many files and bytes there are in each subdirectory.


Db2Html 4.3

Mp3 list program


Cathy 2.8

Simple & very fast media cataloging tool.


CD-Indexerator 0.00.0011

Tool to generating CD-Inlay-Prints with Artist / Title Supports: Importing files, Reading Directories coming' soon: ID3-Tag-Reader for your MP3's and a little Database to archive them.


CDWise 1.0

A freeware CD-catalog program. You can browse and search all of your CDs with a user interface similar to the Windows Explorer and Windows Find Files dialog without inserting them one by one in the drive. You can also copy the search results to the c...

PGD Menu Creator

PGD Menu Creator 1.1b

This is a program for creating your own menus on a CD-R, Zip disk, etc. It's easy-to-use with wizards. There is native support for .rar archives, and will run any other files with the associated program (eg. .txt with notepad.exe).

Disk Catalog

Disk Catalog 1.1

Do you have to many CD's, Zipdisks or floppy's that it takes hours to find a specific file? Disk Catalog is a free Windows program that can help. With diskcat you can create catalogs of all disks where Windows assigned a drive letter to.When you need...

Image Indexer

Image Indexer 1.0

Image Indexer creates a graphical index of all images in a directory. Simply select a directory and Image Indexer creates a index.htm with a image map and index.gif/jpg.