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Cddirectory 3.1

CDdirectory is the essential tool for keeping track of your files. Using this tool you can record the structure of all your CDs and other drives, and store them in a local file. After this you can browse through all your files offline or use the buil...


ListWiz 1.0

Have a lot of multimedia files? It can be hard to keep track of what files you have. ListWiz will generate a list for you in just minutes while you can keep using your computer. Easily make a list of multiple (sub) directories and drives. Great for I...


CDWinder 1.0.1

CDWinder is a cataloging software for almost everything that spins - hard disks, CD's, DVD's, ZIP'su CDWinder creates catalogs of your media and offers them offline for browsing and powerful search operations. CDWinder is cross-platform (with CDFinde...

Shellfish Maple

Shellfish Maple 2.1

Maple is a useful file manager that enables you to create your own hierarchical trees for storing information such as documents, notes, and images. Selecting Add Node from the Tree menu creates a new 'branch' for your growing tree, which you can name...


CD-Indexerator 0.00.0011

Tool to generating CD-Inlay-Prints with Artist / Title Supports: Importing files, Reading Directories coming' soon: ID3-Tag-Reader for your MP3's and a little Database to archive them.

DiskCat 2000

DiskCat 2000 2.1

  • Shareware
  • 15.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 1.2 KB

Have you ever tried to find single file in your big CD/Floppy Disk/Zip Disk or any other removable media collection? If so, you've probably encountered some problems doing that. DiskCat 2000 brings convenient way to manage your media library. Using D...

Images' archive

Images' archive 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 19.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 7.1 KB

New programm for creation of archives of the files. It is really powerful program. Supported graphic files: PSD, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, CUR, ICO, etc..


SmartDir 4.0

  • Shareware
  • 20.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 1.4 KB

Produces file and disk management reports.


CDWise 1.0

A freeware CD-catalog program. You can browse and search all of your CDs with a user interface similar to the Windows Explorer and Windows Find Files dialog without inserting them one by one in the drive. You can also copy the search results to the c...

Sherlock File's Finder

Sherlock File's Finder 2.8b

  • Shareware
  • 10.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 2.2 KB

A very powerful, but easy and simple to use, softwarethat scan all of your media support (such as cd-r, ls120, zip, jaz...). It collect of of the files and folders names (it also scan in the Zip, Rar, Ace, and Cab files), put it in a database. Then y...


FlymoonDisk 2.0.0

  • Shareware
  • 22.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 5.5 KB

Quickly finds your files according to your search key. Flymoondisk catalogs your hard disks, CD-ROMs, andfloppy disks quickly and efficiently to facilitate future searches. It can also catalog the contents of archives, such as ZIP, RAR, CAB, ARJ, ACE...


APrintDirect 3.6

  • Shareware
  • 14.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 1.1 KB

If you've ever wished there were a way to print lists of files and folders, APrintDirect is the application for you. With speed and accuracy, this 32-bit utility lets you print a road map of your hard drives' folder and file structure. The user-frien...

DDF Editor for Btrieve

DDF Editor for Btrieve 1.53

Allows to create dictionaries of the description ofdatas , create ,view and edit Btrieve files . You mayquickly choose necessary fields and export any fileBtrieve in the textual format . Also you may quicklyimport your given in other systems in Btrie...


SelectEx 2000

Simplifies file selection in Windows Explorer.SelectEx 2000 has: Multiple selection criteria, extended wildcards in selection criteria, adding or subtracting object from current selection, history of used criteria, Open and Save as dialog boxes. Beyo...

1st File Descriptor Pro

1st File Descriptor Pro 1.5b

1st File Descriptor helps you view and keepdescriptions of files, folders, ZIP and RAR archives,and MP3 files with easy access from Explorer.

Scan Fast Slow Disk

Scan Fast Slow Disk 2.5

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 1.6 KB

A complete cataloguing program. Highlights: Scans all types of media (hd's, floppy, zip-disk, cd-rom, NETWORKS), special network support (archives simultaneously usable with one server and unlimited clients), zip to folder function, creates thumbnail...

PGD Menu Creator

PGD Menu Creator 1.1b

This is a program for creating your own menus on a CD-R, Zip disk, etc. It's easy-to-use with wizards. There is native support for .rar archives, and will run any other files with the associated program (eg. .txt with notepad.exe).

Disk Catalog

Disk Catalog 1.1

Do you have to many CD's, Zipdisks or floppy's that it takes hours to find a specific file? Disk Catalog is a free Windows program that can help. With diskcat you can create catalogs of all disks where Windows assigned a drive letter to.When you need...

Image Indexer

Image Indexer 1.0

Image Indexer creates a graphical index of all images in a directory. Simply select a directory and Image Indexer creates a index.htm with a image map and index.gif/jpg.


DiskBox 1.0

Tired of looking tru all your DISKETTEs, CDs, ZIPs, JAZ, SYQUESTs, LS-120s for that one file you know you have? Let DiskBox do the dirtywork for you. This program will index all your removable and non-removable disks, so you only have to type in the whole or part of the filename to find the file you need.