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Strong Anti-Hacker Features, Easy to use Personal Privacy Softwa.

Encryption Program

Encryption Program 1.5

Protect your personal files through encryption.

CryptaPix (32-bit)

CryptaPix (32-bit) 2.0

Encrypt your image collection.


EnKryptica 1.033

Enables files and folders to be encrypted into one big bank file. Icons, filenames and the files are encrypted using the Blowfish encryption algorithm.


TexKrypt 1.0

This update of TexKrypt has hundreds of extra features and misc. bug fixes. Plus, it now has a much more professinal look. As always, this program is free to register. Please distribute! Notice: This version also adds a file header to the TKP files it creates!


JumBlo 1.1

A fast, safe and sophisticated encryption package with a stylish GUI. JumBlo consists of two main programs: JumBlo Encrypt and JumBlo Decrypt. Encrypts both binary and text files. Provides TRUE in place encryption.


Cycode 3.7

A cool little program that lets you encode/decode messages so you can send them to your friends without other people reading them. Cycode will only work on Windows 95/NT. Features include: Drag/Drop support, password protection so that no one can get in to Cycode, a 'quick insert' menu, password protection on encoded files, an IE 3.0/Office 97 popup toolbar! Cool!, an email feature for quick e-mailing and many, many more. RequiresRequires the VB 5.0 Runtimes.


Cryptext 2.53

A freeware Windows 95 / NT 4 shell extension that performs strong file encryption. It integrates into the Win95/NT4 shell, so you just right-click on any file system object to encrypt or decrypt it.

Empty Pic

Empty Pic 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 10.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 7.0 KB

Hides (and completely restores) a GIF picture by movingthe color palette and replacing it with a single color. These files can be used as Web Site background. Anyone else can download them with the right mouse button and restore them with matching software. Since the copyright notice is used as a key, adding 'Licensed to John Doe' makes a private system. If the keys dont match, the software will not restore the file. The system can also hide GIF files on your hard disk.