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Bad CD Repair Pro

Bad CD Repair Pro 4.13

Bad CD Repair allows to copy files from bad CD or HDD. If your text or mp3 or any other type of file is corrupted then use Bad CD Repair to save it!

Attribute Magic

Attribute Magic 1.0.3

Attribute Magic is an easy to use utility to view and change file attributes: creation date, last access date and modify date

Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer 3.0a

Change file and folder attributes within en masse

1-4a Rename

1-4a Rename 1.56

Tool to rename a lot of files at once, e.g. mp3 files, with undo, instant problems check and many functions.

ARenT (Automatic-Rename-Tool)

ARenT (Automatic-Rename-Tool) 0.17.0004

A little Tool to rename all files in one Directory to the right ending by reading the File-Header. Headers may be created on your own for all files. Useful for all persons who gets Mails with the attachment with the ending .UNK.New Features: TreeSize...

Japos File CRC

Japos File CRC 1.04

The program Japos File CRC is intended for checkingchanges in data files, text, programs etc. The changesusually happen by wrong working encryption programs,data comprimation, data transmission on carriers or bycomputer viruses. For closely analyse o...

Multiple File Renaming Tool

Multiple File Renaming Tool 1.0

Provides quick drag and drop renaming of files, useful for renaming MP3s or images for web uploading. Changing of multiple filenames extensions.


RenameWiz 3.4

Give new names to files and folders with ease.


TreeCopy 1.00

Have you ever wanted to copy a directory structure without copying the files? Now you can with TreeCopy. This ingenious program will allow you to select the source directory and destination directory, then it will proceed to copy ONLY the directory s...


EXTEditor 1.0

A simple program designed to easily edit, modify and create new extensions or add new actions to current existing extensions, but only under Windows 95. Worried because your favourite image viewer doesn't get started when you double click a JPG image...