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WinMerge 2.6.0

WinMerge is a tool for visual difference display and merging, for both files and directories. Unicode support. Flexible syntax coloring editor. Windows Shell integration. Regexp filtering. Side-by-side line diff. Highlights differences inside lines.


CoronaSync 1.3.7

CoronaSync keeps your data in sync, across all your computers and all your
applications. By working with many different applications and platforms,
CoronaSync simplifies your life by allowing your information to follow you to any computer.


FSUM 2.51

Fast file checksum generation & verification tool. Supports MD2,MD4,MD5, SHA-1,SHA-2, RIPEMD-160,PANAMA,TIGER, CRC-32,ADLER32 algorithms and the hash used in eMule/eDonkey(ed2k). Compatible with md5sum,Easy MD5 Creator,SFV Checker/Verifier,Win CRC32.

Polaris Stamp

Polaris Stamp 1.0

Free Windows utility that sets files' date/time stamps. Filters files using filename extensions. Multiple files selection. Easy to use.


SynchronEX 2.0

Synchronizing files and directories in applications like laptop/server-synchronization, backup, multi-point authoring with collision detection, super syncs, nested syncs, finding duplicate files and more. Easy integration into the Windows Explorer.


PDAsync 1.5.3

The Ultimate Handheld Sync Software!


MultiDistribution 1.00

MultiDistribution automatically keeps any files and documents on your system up-to-date by watching for changes and then redistributing them to specified locations. Based on certain rules, you can choose when and how the files are copied.

Wdiff (Light Edition)

Wdiff (Light Edition) 3.1.3

A small (can be used from a floppy) files/directories comparison utility with individual marking of files/directories to be compared. It has on screen results of differences in a structured list, unmarking of files compared with options on which type...


TreeComp 3.7

Utility to keep 2 directory trees and the files within the directories in sync. The combined tree is displayed using a treeview control with icons indicating the status per directory. Programs to view the differences (i.e. Microsoft's WinDiff) betwee...

ComponentSoftware Diff

ComponentSoftware Diff 2.0

A free visual file difference analysis tool for Windows 95/NT. Use it to analyze what have changed between two revisions of the same file or folder. CSDiff is usually used to analyze program source files, HTML documents and MS-Word documents.