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BeCyAutoRun 1.11

Description of BeCyAutoRun 1.11:
The problem: The AutoRun feature of CD-ROMs which is controlled by an AutoRun.inf file only allows executing applications but does not support opening simple documents (e.g. a HTML page). The solution: BeCyAutoRun. This very simple utility does nothing but open a document as if the user had double clicked on it. The usage of the command-line is fairly simple. The important parameter expected is a relative path specification to the document file to open. Note that the path to the document is relative to the root directory of the CD-ROM and not to the directory the utility is located in. As another parameter one can optionally specify -maximized or -x on the command-line. This way the document is to be displayed in a maximized rather than a normal window. The latest release allows storing a manufacturer-specific support information within the Autorun.inf of the CD-ROM. This info text is displayed at the end of an error message and enables the end user to access technical support in order to solve the problem. The declaration of this support information within the AutoRun.inf is done via the key support in the section autorun. The value of this key is a simple string in which the pipe character (|) may be used to insert line breaks.Release notes: Minor UpdatePlease see http://www.becyhome.de/becyautorun/description_ger.htm#version for the complete version history [ BeCyAutoRun full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000

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