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ControlPad 0.72

Description of ControlPad 0.72:
ControlPad turns the numeric keypad on your keyboard to a Windows command execution system. You may configure any numeric code to: Execute any program, open any document, open any web address or send any series of keystrokes to the operating system. Once ControlPad is running, press and hold the * key on the numeric keypad, for about 1 second. At this point, a small window will pop up, allowing you to enter any keyword or numeric code. Pressing the code followed by Enter will execute the associated command. Commands are easily configured through the same interface - activate the input dialog (press and hold *), enter the desired code and press the numpad Divide button to associate a new command. Laptop users may enable Laptop Mode in the settings dialog to assign F12 as the main launch key. Also available is a portable version (ZIP) that requires no installation.Release notes: Minor UpdateAdded: Ability to search the web directly from the command console. By default, any command that is not recognized will attempt to find a relevant webpage using Google Feeling Lucky feature. [ ControlPad full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000

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