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Dirkey has been aquired by Infover as of June 2005. Protonfx or Dirk T. Manders will no longer offer any kind of support for Dirkey as of this date. Additionally no new versions of Dirkey will be released by Dirk T. Manders as of June 2005 nor will this page be updated anymore. Dirkey is a small utility that enables you to define bookmarks for folders and go back to these bookmarked folders from within File Open/Save dialogs and Windows Explorer. You can set and go to these bookmarks using your keyboard or your mouse. When Dirkey is active you can press Ctrl+Alt+0..9 in e.g. an Open/Save File dialog and a bookmark will be set on the current folder. You can go to any bookmarked folder by using Ctrl+0..9 in the same or another supported window. All bookmarks are global and are preserved when you turn your computer off. You can also open bookmarked folders in a new Explorer window. After downloading Dirkey below, make sure that you also check out the available plug-ins for Dirkey, which enhance the functionality even more and let you use Dirkey in your native language. Dirkey NTXP is a dedicated version for Windows NT4(SP4+)/2000/XP, it does not run on Windows 9x/ME. Dirkey NTXP fully supports Unicode path names. The regular version of Dirkey runs on all Windows versions (starting with Windows 98) but only supports path names containing ANSI characters. Dirkey 2 does not support Windows 95, Windows 98 Lite and only supports Windows NT 4.0 conditionally. Please try Dirkey 1.3e instead if you are using any of these operating systems. Dirkey 2.0 differs from version 1.x in some important ways. Please read the Dirkey 1.x to 2.0 Upgrade Guide first if you are about to upgrade Dirkey 1.x to 2.0. Dirkey is freeware.

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