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SDS Shutdown Scheduler 2.50

Description of SDS Shutdown Scheduler 2.50:
SDS is a utility allowing to automate shutting the system down or closing specified applications. It is also able to break a modem connection, restart or hibernate the system or even put it to standby mode. Many options make the program highly customizable for your particular needs, for example, condition under which the program will perform specified action: at given time, after specified period elapses, after the computer is idle for specified amount of time or a specified application is closed. You can even combine the conditions (not directly, though, but it is possible - read the help file) and whichever occurs first, triggers the action. Despite the number of options, the program is really easy to use. Don't hesitate, try it today. It's FREE!.Release notes: New ReleaseTE You can override settings of active SDS by running a second instance.TE New feature: you can now schedule shutdown "on silence", i.e. when all running applications stop playing sounds, for example when you finish watching a movie. Supported for Windows Vista or newer.Bug fixed:TE invalid countdown time in 12 hour mode,TE other minor fixes.TE Small GUI fixes.TE Progress on taskbar in Windows 7. [ SDS Shutdown Scheduler full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

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