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Description of myLauncher 2.0:
myLauncher is a simple Launcher. Launches Programs, Files, Folders or Web Sites. Launch items by typing complete path or URL. Add items to Launch List with a Launch Name of your choice and launch items by typing related Launch Names. If web site URL starts with 'homepage and ends with '.com', '.net', '.org' or '.gov' then open these sites by typing shoter URLs in myLauncher instead of typing a longer one in Browser's address bar. Have Browser Neutral Bookmarks on the Go. Run myLauncher from a Removable Media and add URLs of favorite sites to your Launch List just by draging the URLs from Browser's address bar and droping in myLauncher's Add URL box. myLauncher will open these sites in any machine it runs from this Media, irrespective of default Browser set in that machine. myLauncher is stand alone, doesn't need installation if system meets all requirements. Can be setup to run from a USB Flash Drive with a easy setup process.Requirements: IE 5+, VB Runtime 6.0 SP5+, MS Scripting Runtime 5.6+, WMI for windows 95, 98 and NT.

Supported OS: Windows XP

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