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BLUBOX Vault 3

Description of BLUBOX Vault 3:
Make sure your private and personal digital photos are kept secure and protected both before and while you share them by email or FTP over the public Internet or store them on your PC or USB flash drive.
BLUBOX provides you with your own desktop digital vault in which to securely store for files and photographs.
BLUBOX encrypts and compresses your photos using industrial strength 256-bit encryption technology and acts as your personal digital vault on your PC. By password protecting your photos you can be sure that they will never be viewed without your permission or if your PC is lost, stolen or needs repair your private data remains secure and private.
BLUBOX compression allows you to email an entire album of photos in the time it usually takes to send a single image - without sacrificing quality or resizing! You can restore your photos back to their original size and file format whenever you want or leave them encrypted inside BLUBOX. You can still view, print and edit them even when they are encrypted and compressed.

BLUBOX features include:

View, Print and edit from within the secure BLUBOX environment
State of the art 256-bit encryption technology
Reduce image files by 90% without sacrificing quality using the BLUBOX compression option
No need to uncompress photos to view or print
Restore your photos to their original size and file format whenever you want
Choose your photo quality and compression settings
Handles over 480 digital image formats
Never alters or deletes your original images
Compresses and encrypts other popular file formats such as PDF, DOC and XLS

BLUBOX ? For you eyes only.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 3.x, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

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