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Description of GHOSTPHRASE 1.3:
Ghostphrase is a symmetric encryption program that can be used with most email clients. It employs three passwords, and has a large internal key, generated with real 20-sided dice for true randomness. There is an over 40-fold excess random changes produced at each encryption. A mouse-clicked screen keyboard makes it resistant to most keylogging spyware. The input clear text is not visible on the screen. Max message size: 2000 characters. Users can check current size while writing. Ghostphrase is free to download as a .exe file. There are two registration/paying options, Silver and Gold. Silver users get to download versions with changed internal keys from a hidden weblink at regular intervals. Gold subscribers get a CD with a unique internal key, created on a stand-alone computer. All users are free to copy the software. A help text file and a binary usage tracking file are produced in the same folder as the software. Some other temporary files are produced, but not seen normally. No cookies or similar are planted. The program does not access email or internet by itself. Crypt files are deleted if older that two days. Clear text files are deleted on next program run. Users can choose clear text output as screen only, or screen plus text file. For ultimate security it is recommended user encrypt and decrypt on a stand-alone computer, and send/recieve using another computer. Please remove the .dat or .txt extensions that some email programs add to the crypt file, before decryption. Free version is about 800 bit, payware about 49000 bit key size. Free version User password changes frequently, posted on www.ghostphrase.com. Current version User password is OKKFFJIED. Correct and current User password must be posted next to binary link or copy, as the program will not run without it.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

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