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Moo0 WindowMenuPlus 1.14

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Description of Moo0 WindowMenuPlus 1.14:
Moo0 WindowMenuPlus lets you have extra useful menus in every window's "system window menu". It's the menu that you can access through right-clicking on any window's title bar or taskbar button. This tool can add extra menus there such as "Keep on Top", "Transparency Adjustment", "Process Priority Adjustment", "Various Information about the Program" and so forth. Also, you can configure not to show some menus that you don't use. You can enjoy only useful menus that you want. Moo0 WindowMenuPlus is designed to enhance your Windows experience with some useful extra menus!Release notes: New ReleaseTE Added Greek language support.TE Also added Indonesian (partial) and Bulgarian (partial) language supports. [ Moo0 WindowMenuPlus full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP

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