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MFC DLLs 4.2b

Download this file if an application you are using asks for the Microsoft Visual C++ MFC DLLs 4.2 or earlier. This download includes the following files: MFC42.DLL, OLEPRO32.DLL, and MSVCRT.DLL. If you have a browser that is capable of installing CAB files (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer), then the files should install automatically. Otherwise, you will need a CAB file viewer, such as the one included in the MS Power Toys.


OpenGL 1.1

If youre using an application that asks for the OpenGL files, then download this package.

Visual Basic Runtimes

Visual Basic Runtimes 2.0

These are the runtime libraries for Visual Basic 2.0 applications. Download this file if a program you are using says it requires the Visual Basic 2.0 Runtimes, or VBRUN200.DLL.