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Ad-Aware provides protection from known Spyware including: Data-mining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components.With its ability to comprehensively scan your memory, registry, hard, removable and optical drives for known datamining, aggressive advertising, and tracking components, Ad-Aware will provide the user with the confidence to surf the Internet knowing that their privacy will remain intact. Let Ad-Aware protect your privacy. The free version is strictly a scanner, and does not provide any real-time protection.Pros: Good reputation; detailed reasons for detected items.Cons: No real-time scanning, no automatic updatesIf you are looking for the latest software for combating annoying advertisements on your computer then you should look no further. You are going to have state of the art software brought to you by Lavasoft. The name of this software is Ad-Aware.What is Ad-Aware from Lavasoft anyway? You might have heard of anti spyware and anti malware but Ad-Aware is something new to you now. Ad-aware from Lavasoft is basically an anti spyware program. What it does is that it gets software on someonels computer that is suspicious of being spyware or malware. It targets specific software that is used for malicious advertising schemes. Sometimes, adware is not all about automatic ads being displayed on the screen.There are some adware out there that literally spy on your computer activity. There is adware there that can get the sites that you visit regularly. They will be able to target ads to you based on what you like surfing for on the internet. There is adware there that can detect your purchases online.If you are the type of person who loves shopping online then you must be careful of adware. You never know when they will simply get your credit card number and take advantage of it. There is much more damage that adware can do. If you do not want this to happen to you then you should certainly get your hands on anti adware programs like Ad-aware from Lavasoft. Aside from eradicating adware that is harmful, Ad-aware also detects Trojan horses, malware, tracking components, dialers, and other viruses. It works as a sort of anti-virus program, only this focuses on eliminating adware.If you want to get your hands on Ad-aware right now then you can get a free copy of Ad-aware personal. If you want to get the higher versions of Ad-aware then you will pay a very good price for Ad-aware Plus and Ad-aware Professional. Through these paid software, you will get real time protection from all kinds of adware. Sometimes having the personal edition is not enough to combat advertising attacks on your computer.Why is it worth it to get the professional edition rather than the personal edition? You should get the Ad-aware professional edition because you are going to be protected on a twenty four by seven basis. The personal Ad-aware by Lavasoft is not that aggressive in searching for adware programs on your computer. If you really want the best for your computer then you should be willing to pay the price of the professional Ad-aware by Lavasoft.You are not going to regret purchasing this when you have it on your computer and you are at peace. Sometimes you really have to pay a price for getting rid of annoying advertisements on your computer.

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