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FlashCrypt 1.0

Description of FlashCrypt 1.0:
One of the key points that help you to ensure your privacy is data security. If you have private files on your computer, you must protect them. Do you trust the folks you share your computer with? And what about millions of Internet users - what if someone gets access to your machine remotely? The most secure way to protect your files is to encrypt them. Strong encryption makes it practically impossible to obtain the original files without providing the encryption key. FlashCrypt software by FSPro Labs allows you to encrypt the contents of any folder quick and easy. After smooth and fast installation it extends folder drop-down menu of Windows Explorer by adding OCtProtect with FlashCryptOCL command. Just click right mouse button on the folder you wish to protect, select OCtProtect with FlashCryptOCL, type your password and voila - all the files in the folder are now in the secure container (protected folder) and encrypted with one of the worldOCOs best encryption algorithm - AES256! This container looks exactly like the original folder and marked with FlashCrypt logo. Decryption procedure is as easy as encryption - double click on the protected folder and type your password. FlashCrypt allows you to protect folders on local hard disks, removable drives, network volumes and so on. Besides the data encryption, FlashCrypt can optionally compress your files. This can greatly save disk space and helpful if you plan to copy the protected folder on a pen drive or send it over email. FlashCrypt provides optional facility allowing you to recover forgotten passwords. If this option is disabled, it will be impossible to recover your data if you lost the password. Download FlashCrypt and protect your files right now - itOCOs FREE.

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