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Description of QDA Miner 4.0:
QDA Miner is an easy-to-use mixed-model qualitative data analysis software package for coding, annotating, retrieving and analyzing small and large collections of documents and images. QDA Miner may be used to analyze interview or focus-group transcripts, legal documents, journal articles, even entire books, as well as drawing, photographs, paintings, and other types of visual documents. Its seamless integration with Simstat, a statistical data analysis tool, and WordStat, a quantitative content analysis and text-mining module, gives you unprecedented flexibility for analyzing text and relating its content to structured information, including numerical and categorical data. QDA Miner Unique Features Since its introduction, QDA Miner has established itself as a trend setter among computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software applications by offering truly innovative features, such as: Integrated statistical and visualization tools, such as clustering, multidimensional scaling, heatmaps, correspondence analysis and sequence analysis, allow one to quickly identify patterns and trends, explore data, as well as describe, compare and test hypotheses. All these tools are readily available in just a few mouse clicks. No need to purchase separate statistical software or transfer data to another application. This is one of the reasons that QDA Miner is considered by many to be the very first and still only mixed-model qualitative analysis software available on the market today. A unique report manager tool that allows researchers to store, in a single location, queries and analysis results, tables and graphs, research notes and quotes. Its outliner design is ideal for organizing information, structuring findings and interpretations, keeping track of progresses, and supporting researchers in the report-writing process. A powerful command log that keeps track of every project access, coding operation, transformation, query and analysis performed. This tool may be used to document the analysis process and supervise team-work, as well as to recall and repeat previously performed queries and analyses and undo some operations performed many days or even months ago. Along with the Report Manager, this log provides invaluable information for the creation of a detailed audit trail, quite useful to ensure the transparency of the research process and to establish the credibility of the study. Unique and powerful text retrieval and text analysis toolsOCoincluding the Keyword Retrieval feature and the new groundbreaking Query-by-Example search and retrieval functionOCothat employ technologies from various domains, such as information retrieval, machine learning, computational linguistics, and text mining. Unprecedented teamwork support with flexible multi-user settings, convenient collaboration tools, a powerful merge feature for bringing together into a single project, coding, annotations, reports and log entries of different coders working independently. The unique inter-raters agreement assessment module also allows researchers to ensure the coding reliability of multiple coders.

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