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TextMaestro 1.0.587.0

Integrated Text Environment to master text generation and transformation. 3 major parts - (1) Work Space, (2) FTP, (3) Text conversion seamlessly integrated. Indispensable in everyday work whenever it involves creating or re-using text of any form.

MessagEase Fast Text Entry System 4.2

MessagEase Fast Text Entry System 4.2 4.2

MessagEase is the fastest and most ergonomic text entry system for the Palm PDA. Its keyboard may look strange to you, but once you're familiar with it, you'll be entering text faster than Graffiti and the QWERTY keyboard.

Recursive Replace

Recursive Replace 1.0

Find and replace several blocks of text in a whole directory tree using multiple regular expressions. The expressions are read from a rulefile, so you can build a collection of frequently used replacement operations. Samples included.

Search and Replace 98

Search and Replace 98 3.10

A very fast and simple application to search for and replace text in a single file, or an entire directory. Allows to save settings. Supports any text file up to 512K in size.Uninstallation by deletion of the directory.

Tessera Search & Replace

Tessera Search & Replace 1.05

Search & Replace is a free utility that searches multiple files for text strings. It also allows you to replace any occurrences found in the searched files.Requires the VB 6.0 Runtimes.